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D6 Small Business 2020

Wednesday, Aug 5th

Today's Agenda

10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 10:45

Jessica Hornbeck

Q&A with Jessica

11:00 – 11:30

11:30 – 11:45

Elaine Dusetzina

Q&A with Elaine

12:00 -01:00 PM

Breakout Session

01:00 – 01:30

01:30 – 01:45

Michele Baker

Q&A with Michele

02:00 – 02:30

02:30 – 02:45

Michael Sedloff & Paul Sipe

Q&A with Michael Sedloff & Paul Sipe

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Sorry that you missed the Summit

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Keynote Panel 9:00 AM

Michael Jenkins

Michale Jenkins


Raquel Cusi

Raquel Cusi


Nikki Nolet

Nikki Nolet


Sanjit Singh

Sanjit Singhn

Business Development

Liz Lemesevski​

Liz Lex

Finance & Communication

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10:00 - 10:45

Top 3 Things Every Business Owner Should Focus On!​

Jessica Hornbeck is a seasoned and spirited entrepreneur with over twenty years’ experience navigating corporate, nonprofit and small business organizations with such fervor that she has been able to boil down lessons learned into a thoughtful and easy-to-grasp approach that has created value add for her clients, team, and community. A “big picture thinker,” Jessica thrives on working with business owners to build financial systems and workflow foundations to help them do more with less; maximize their limited time; and grow both their income and freedom. Jessica is the Founder and President of Big Picture Results, a founding member of Ellevate San Diego, and a Hera Hub Carlsbad GURU.

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Jessica Hornbeck - Talk
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Jessica Hornbeck Q&A
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11:00 - 11:45

Self-Care Habits to Win the Day

Elaine helps women veteran leaders implement a healthy lifestyle routine to stave off chronic disease and lead a happy, thriving life. The founder of Evoke Strong LLC, she is a Wellcoaches-certified Health and Wellness Coach and an ACE-certified Behavior Change Specialist. She’s also a National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach for a non-profit organization, Skinny Gene and a Volunteer Veteran Coach with TaskHuman in partnership with the National Veterans Transition Services.

Elaine served in the U.S. Navy for 11 years before she resigned her commission to become a stay-at-home mom to two amazing girls while her husband continued his military service (now retired). Experiencing the power of healthy lifestyle change led Elaine to guide and empower others to do the same. Elaine loves to spend time with her family going on fun outdoor adventures, reading books about personal growth, cooking simple meals, and going out for a run. Her top core values are faith, family, meaningful relationships, serving others and lifelong learning.

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Elaine Q&A
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12:00 - 01:00 PM

Breakout Session

Connect with fellow attendees, small business owners, and professionals for future collaborations & partnerships

Lunch breakout Day 1
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01:00 - 01:45

Get to The Heart of Your Story and Make a Difference

Storytelling is at the heart of our human connection. Michele’s passion is using storytelling to connect us and build relationships. Her career has been built on bringing brands to life and giving them a voice by using stories that fuel their strategies and building relationships that drive success. Her specific expertise is helping create thought leaders and market leaders that stand out and make a difference. Michele’s strategic approach to communications is based on a process she calls Stand.Lead.Expand. It starts with creating a position based on their why, heart and purpose of the company or individual to help Stand out and make an impact in the world. Lead by developing the messaging and best stories that matter to their audience — whether it’s customers, employees, job recruiters, employers, heck, even kids and a partner – anyone that matters to them. Align that purpose, passion and stories with the circle of influencers that matter to their core audience.

Expand outreach through communications methods – from media relations, influencer relations, community relations, social media, bloggers, podcasts, associations, investors and any other way to engage with the circle of influencers to drive change. She’s used this strategic process for Fortune 500 companies, rock stars like the Rolling Stones, individual experts, and startups, including some who she helped take from $0 to billion dollar acquisitions within a few years.

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Michele Baker - talk
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02:00 - 02:45

Where's the Money & How to find it

Paul Sipe

Paul Sipe

As a mentor and member of Team Score for over five years, Paul is specialized in banking and finance, legal and business operational management for small business and startups, and funding sources which includes bank and non-bank lenders, crowd funding, Angel and Venture Capital.

He obtained his education in Ohio State University B/A industrial management and finance.

As a mentor, workshop presenter and member of Team Score for over two years, Michael have had great experiences consulting with clients about their business capital needs. In his business career he founded and operated as CEO of a San Diego mortgage banking firm which he sold after twenty-three years to a major national bank.

He was recognized early in his career by the California Association of Mortgage Professionals (Brokers) as Mortgage Lender of the Year. During his volunteer and career activities, he has helped many starting or expanding a business and other who simply wished to obtain capital for investment.

Get mentorship experience in your industry, business and management, write your narrative and prepare your financials.

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Summit’s Agenda

Our speakers are covering: tips for personal development, self-care, professional and business resources, ways to connect with your community, your family, and your colleagues. 


Strategies for creating stronger bonds in your personal and professional relationships 

Simple ways to support your self-care needs so you set yourself up for success 

Ways to leverage your skills, passion, abilities and network, to grow your career or business 

How to support your community so everyone wins! 

Unblocking Your Business – Unblocking You!

11:00 AM 

Ritika Sehgal

Add STEAM to Strengthen-Teach-Engage-Activate-Motivate

12:00 AM 

Lunch & Learn with Angela Quisumbing

How to Successfully Build Your Business + Commnuity Through Live Events

01:00 PM 

Jamal Beavers

Discipline Over Motivation

02:00 PM 

Tibi Zohar

Creating Effective Webinars


Keys to Navigating the Unknown as Leader of Your Vision

11:00 AM Lisa Nordquist

Verbal Tai Chi: Creating Connection & Inspiring Growth

12:00 AM Feedback Sandwich!

01:00 PM Jenné Suryadihardja

Creating System a that Works

02:00 PM

Crystal Trull

Partnering with Non-Profits to Serve Community & Build Your Business

03:00 PM Closing Celebration

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