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Angela Grace Events

Angela Quisumbing is the CEO and Event Strategist of Angela Grace Events, where every day is a reason to celebrate.

She helps entrepreneurs grow their business and community through the planning + promotion of their own live events.

Angela is also known as the mom behind Mira Mesa Moms and Mira Mesa Mompreneurs. These groups serve and celebrate moms in the community while supporting local businesses.

Connect with her by visiting, and let her know how she can help you with your next business event! 💕

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Beautiful Being by MISCONCEPTION, LLC

Beautiful Being by MISCONCEPTION, LLC -A family brand, a LEGACY. Women’s & girl’s apparel & athletic wear.

Inspiring ladies to be the BEAUTIFUL BEING we were all designed to be.

Blue Green Freedom

Nature and Science combine for Beauty and Longevity! We market Nutritional Supplements, Internationally, online, with Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake, Oregon and Spirulina, also beautiful Skin Care from France.

We offer Distributors and Customers a Cerule Global opportunity, to possibly enhance wellness, improve circulation, decrease inflammation and enjoy anti aging benefits.

Come join us!

Dahl Holistic Health

Dahl Holistic Health is a family owned business located in beautiful San Diego, CA.

After overcoming a 20 year struggle with Lyme Disease using Reiki, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, and holistic treatments such as essential oils and herbs, we started Dahl Holistic Health to help others with chronic illnesses.

We now help people work through many challenges in their lives. With our services, we have been able to bring people to a place of healing from disease, trauma, abuse, and loss. Some people want a quiet place to relax and be at peace. Still, others want guidance with their spiritual path. Each client has different needs and is given the grace and time to work toward their personal healing goals with gentle guidance.

We look forward to working with you on your road to wellness.

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Doug Eisold Insurance – Allstate

I’ve been proud to call San Diego my home since 2000. I enjoy the diversity of our people, our weather (you can’t beat it!) and how there’s always something to see or do on the weekends.

My daughter, Faith, loves visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. My wife Jacque and I enjoy relaxing at Coronado Island, bike riding, and going to concerts in the park. We also like taking our English bulldog, Hogan, to his favorite parks – Fiesta Island Dog Park and the Poway Dog Park.

As an Allstate agent, I enjoy being able to work with all kinds of people in our community and to be there for them, when they need it most. It’s rewarding to provide a good experience for someone during a hard time. Our team is always friendly, trustworthy and customer-oriented. We have an open door policy, so all walk-ins are welcome and we can help with basic and more-specialized plans for insurance challenges like life insurance, renting, and Ridesharing.

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KIS Property Management

At KIS we Keep it Simple. Whether you live next door or in another country, our mission is to keep you informed at all times in regards to your investment property.

With around the clock access to your online portal, you will be able to view up to the minute financials, accounting reports, lease documents and more. Rest assured that your tenants can get ahold of their landlord at any time, for any reason.

We strive to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients; specifically our expertise in the real estate industry, constant communication, and a simple, stress free pathway to your return on investment.

Rafikiz Foodz

Rafikiz Foodz serves traditional Kenyan food, brought to America by chef and owner Sylvester Owino.

Sylvester comes from Kenya and is from the Luo Tribe. Many of his recipes use a variety of family recipes and spices along with a few that he has added himself. His signature dish are the black eyed peas, which are creamy and have a distinct flavor of their own.

Rafikiz Foodz offers a wide range of vegan and non vegan options as well. For those customers that enjoy eating meat they offer a marvelous flavored beef and chicken stew which a very tender.

Many of his dishes are vibrant in color but maintain the most amazing textures. No matter how you combine each item,they all work well together.

At Rafikiz Foodz we are very passionate about our food and it’s always made with “Magic and Love.”

Your Empowered Life

Juliette Sakasegawa is a Life, Career, and Empowerment Coach. She is also a speaker, an educator, a course creator, and an instructor for new life coaches.

Juliette works with her clients through life transitions. She helps busy women discover their purpose, passions, and priorities, create a clear vision for their life, and embrace self-care, healthy boundaries and empowered time-management.

Juliette loves to see her clients go from feeling burned out to balanced and overwhelmed to empowered so they can create a life that they love.