creating your presentation - Due July 17th

Keep in mind when you are drafting your presentation:

✔️ Keep the self introduction around 1 MINUTE. It could be in the very beginning of your presentation or it could be after you introduce your topic.

✔️ Keep the presentation MAXIMUM 30 minutes. 

✔️ You can mention your CTA (call to action) at the end of the presentation for the audience to sign up for your opt-in.

✔️ DO NOT be salesy, be sure to add VALUE to your presentation. 

✔️ Remind them of the scavenger hunt/easter egg that is happening in the pop-up group.

Include visuals or slides whenever possible.

Consider virtual presentation etiquette, sound, lighting & background.

Please upload your presentation in this folder or click the green button. 

How to create your presentation using zoom
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What is the difference between Opt-in/Offer VS Call To Action (CTA)?

Opt-in/Freebie/Giveaway is a Digital Product.
We recommend doing a digital product because it will be easier for your audience to consume or use for a more instant result vs a complimentary consultation, then you can lead them to book a consultation with you at the end of your opt-in/freebie/giveaway and THANK YOU page of your sign up form.


Provide us with your LINK to your sign-up form for your opt-in/freebie/giveaway, and we’ll share it in the description under your presentation. This is how you’ll be able to collect emails and connect with attendees later.


Opt-in/freebie/Giveaway could be a guide, workbook, checklist, webinar, free course, coupon, quiz, etc.

A Call to Action, or CTA, is a way to encourage attendees to sign up, book a call, attend a webinar, which will lead them to your sign-up form where you can get their email to deliver your opt-in/freebie/giveaway. MAKE SURE you ask them to whitelist your email (google it) especially if you are delivering your opt-in/freebie/giveaway through email. You can also give the download link or booking link in your thank you page after the sign up form.

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